Sinners Welcome To Come To Jesus Christ

Archibald Alexander(1772-1851)was the founding professor of Princeton Theological Seminary.

In his sermon:Sinners Welcome To Come To Jesus Christ ,he considers what is to be understood by coming to Christ and what are the steps which the sinner must take to come.

It is too obvious to need any remark,that a mere bodily approach is not the thing intended(Take the pastor’s hand;come to the front;come to the alter(my remarks).

Many of Christ’s bitterest enemies were often near his person,

as Judas when he betrayed him wih a kiss,

the soilders that bound him,that smote him,that scourged him,that nailed him to the cross;but this kind of approach to Christ did those who came near him no good.

The coming to Christ of which we have been treating,is the act of the anxious mind  which seeks salvation from the burden of sin,and apprehending that Christ is the only Redeemer,trusts in him.Christ is exhibited in the gospel as the only Mediator by whom we can be reconciled to God,and offers  for the sinner whatever is requisite to save him from the curse of the law,and from the blindness and pollution of sin itself;and coming to him is THE SAME AS RECEIVING HIM in that Character,or as sustaining those offices which relate to salvation.

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