Grace Abused

In the book “Speechless”written by, Steven Curtis and and Scotty Smith there is a chapter on grace.

Curtis writes,In,30 years I have learned that God’s grace can be misused and abused,and there seems to be 4 main aberrations of this grace.

1.Greasy Grace:The Freedom not to take Him seriously.

Christians sometimes use grace as an excuse not to obey God.Many say, “Don’t put me under the law; I’m under grace!”While these sentiments are true,they are seldom applied correctly.Living by grace and being obedient are not mutually exclusive.Salvation by grace and salvation by obedience are mutually exclusive–anti-thetical,in fact.But God’s grace gives me a new motivation and power to obey him.We are called to the obedience of faith and love.

2.Sleazy Grace:Whoopee! This perversion of grace,one of the oldest, makes grace into a carte blanche to indulge in anything one desires.There are those who have so distorted the notion of God’s grace as to render it utterly meaningless.Paul anticipated this distortion when he wrote,”Shall we go on sinning so that grace may abound?By no means! We died to sin; how can we live in it any longer?”(Rom.6:1-2).

3.Cheesy Grace:A Warm Fuzzy.It is dangerous to equate God’s grace with a sentimentality.Grace becomes a synonym for a nice safe god who wouldn’t think of sending anyone to hell.This version is proffered by those who have what I call a “Gumby-god”—-one that can be shaped into any form desired.Cheesy grace is at the heart of universalism,the belief that all humanity will be reconciled to God.

4.Measly Grace:My hard work will lead to salvation(I Hope!)

This popular corruption reduces God’s grace to his benevolent assistance in helping me earn my salvation.Measly grace is expressed through the unbiblical notion that “grace is for sinners and the duties of discipleship are for the saints.”In this popular heresy,it is assumed that you are either a sinner or a saint,that is,either a non-Christian or a Christian.It also assumes that the main thing a non-Christian needs is the gospel of God’s grace and that the main thing a Christian needs is more instruction and exhortation in discipleship.These destructive dichotomoies are not rooted in Scripture.

A Christian is a “sinner saint,”that is,someone who has been saved by God’s grace and who will continue to sin until they  are made perfect by God in heaven.Paul uses a startling and shocking image when he describes Christians as wicked people who have been justified by God(Rom.4:5).We need God’s grace throughout the entirety of our lives,not just at the beginning and not just in small increments along the way to get us “over the hump.”

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One Comment on “Grace Abused”

  1. steve Says:

    Hi. I love your writings on this subject of GRACE ABUSED, which is a subject that is very dear to my heart. The abuse of Grace I see today is staggering to such a degree, I believe there are many professing Christians who unless they truly repent and stop using Grace as a crutch and a license to do anything they like, they will not like where they find themselves when their time on earth is done.

    This is why I have built the new ministry website I was inspired to build and have been working on for nearly two years. I have just launched this website; to challenge Christians to face and beat their issues of habitual sin and grace abuse, and to truly live for God. And be fruitful in winning the lost for Christ. It is my experience that this is where true joy in Christian living is found.

    With around 65% of Christian men surveyed admitting to addiction to internet porn, this problem is staggering, is beyond belief, and is sucking the life out of Christians, the church, relationships and marriages, And; all I keep hearing is; Oh it’s OK, we are covered by Grace. This is not what the apostle Paul taught, and he was very clear on matters of sin, dealing with it, and leaving it behind as something dealt with and overcome. Not saying sorry today, and fully planning to repeat the same sin tomorrow, because we like it and don’t plan on giving it up any time soon. Grace is something we receive when we give our lives to Christ, and is not something that licenses us to continue living in wilful habitual sin.

    I am not judging others for this, because I am sure we have all been guilty of abusing God grace at times; Including myself until God got a finally hold of my heart, at a time when I came to the Father in real brokenness and repentance, and through His grace He has helped me to leave all of these things behind me and in my past and not continue taking them into my present or future .

    In closing, I would love to use your writing on this issue on my website if you don’t mind.

    Please advise if this is OK at your earliest convenience, if you will allow me to pose this message on our website I will acknowledge the source.


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