Sermon of the Plough:Hugh Latimer.1548

Hugh Latimer referred to faithful preachers in his day as “Ploughmen”,which are busy and seem to be very good workmen.

He said,”I fear some may be rather-“mock-gospellers”,than faithful ploughmen.But now for the fault of unpreaching prelates,methink I could guess what might be said for excusing them.

They are so troubled with lordly living,they be so placed in palaces,couched in courts,ruffling in their tents,dancing in their dominions ,burdened with their ambassages,pampering of their pouches,like a monk that maketh his jubilee;munching in their mangers,and moiling in their gay manors and mansions,and so troubled with loitering in their Lordships,that they cannot attend it(preaching).

They are otherwise occupied,some in the king’s matters,some are ambassodors,some of the privy council,some to furnish the court,some are Lords of the Parliment,some are presidents and comptrollers of mints.

Well,well is this their duty?Is this their office?Is this their calling?

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