Politics:Give me that “Old Time Religion.”

All of a sudden religion is in the news.It now seems that it is popular to have religion.

President George Bush(pro life) (Muslim God and Christian God the same) and his wife Laura(pro abortion)are methodists,(open minds,open doors,open hearts),and(empty theology).

Former president Bill Clinton is a Southern Baptist.The difference between Methodists and Southern Baptist is that the Methodists  say, “there is no hell” and Southern  Baptists say, “the hell their ain’t.”

Mitch Romney is a Mormon(Jesus is a god but not Jehovah God,but we are all children of God).

James Dobson fears that possible Presidential candidate,Frank Thompson is not a christian.But now we hear that he has been baptized in the “Church of Christ,Acts2:38 church.Probally only “Big”Jerry “know it all Fawell”really knows.Be on the look-out for a video sermon for $19.95 soon.All proceeds will go for Jerry’s arminian”free will”students and food for Jerry.

How do you really identify a christian?I recall the story of a father who explained to his small son the definition of a true christian.The son replied, “Have I ever seen one?”

The word christian is found only 3 times in the Bible.

1.A christian is identified with a Person.Acts,11:26b.And the disciples were called Christians first in Antioch.The name Christian was a term of derision given by unbelievers.It meant “little Christs”, “Christ- in.”A christian is one who has repented of his sins and placed his faith in the finished work of Jesus Christ.Acts.2.His trust is in the Person of Jesus Christ.His repentace is continual and his faith is perpetual (from faith to faith).His trust is not in a “one time decision in the past”,but  in the present he”hears the shepherd’s voice and follows Him.”John.10:27.

There are two  questions that I would like to ask of every politicain who now claims to have religion, “Who is Jesus Christ and what did He do?”If anyone fails to answer these two questions correctly he is not a christian.A Christian is identified with a person–The Lord Jesus Christ.

2 A Christian is identified with a “Persuasion.”Acts.26:28.Then Agrippa said unto Paul,Almost thou persuadest me to be a Christian.A true christian is not almost persuaded,but fully persuaded that he is a sinner and Christ is the only sufficient Saviour.He is humbly assured that he “knows”Christ,but also by faith is grateful that Christ “knows him.”The question is often asked, “Do you know Christ?” The question that is avoided like the bubonic plague is, “Does Christ know you?”Matt.7:22-23.Many will say to me in that day,Lord,Lord,have we not prophesied in thy name?and in thy name have cast out devils?and in thy name done many wonderful works?And then I will profess unto them,I NEVER KNEW YOU:Depart from me,ye that work iniquity.They proclaimed, We kow  the Lord,but He said, “I never knew you.”

We must ask the question,

Does the Lord know me as a parent knows his child?

Does the Lord know me as a teacher knows her student?

Does the Lord know me as a shepherd knows his sheep?

A Christian is one who is fully persuaded that he knows the Lord and the Lord savingly knows him.

3.A Christian is identified with a Persecution.1.Peter4:16.Yet if any man suffers as a Christian,let him not be ashamed;but glorify God on his behalf.

According to the teaching of Jesus in the parable of the sower(Matt13;Mark4;Luke8)Tribulation,Persecution,and Temptation…..when they  arise upon the life of a confessed believer either in isolation or in combination they test the reality of the work of grace in the human heart.

Tribulation refers to trials which bring pressure primarily upon the flesh,fleshly comforts,plans or projects.

Persecution is opposition which also grates upon fleshly interests.This comes upon our physical flesh,but always upon the comfort of our being accepted.

Temptation refers to concentrated enducement to evil or general trials which show the direction ofthe commitment of our hearts.These three things,tribulation,persecution,and temptation,are the very things  calculated to develop the life of true believer,whereas they invaribly wither the apparant life of a spurious believer(rocky ground,thorny ground).

The true christian is identified with a Person,a Persuasion,and a Persecution.

A husband came home from work one day and found his wife crying.Whats the matter he inquired.She said ,”A man came by today and asked me if I was a christian.The husband replied,why didn’t you tell himthat you were a sunday school teacher and president of the WMU?”Thats not what he asked,she replied,he asked me if I was a christian?

Thats still a good question.


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