How you hear.

Luke.8:18a.Take heed “how”you hear.
A Doctor,Laywer and a Preacher were all sitting in a deer stand hunting early one saturday morning.Eagerly anticipating bringing down a large deer,each quickly aimed their rifles at the first sign of a huge 8 point buck.Simultaneously,all three fired.Each man was seceretly congratulating himself for the kill as all went to inspect the deer.However,when they arrived,it was easy to see that there was only one bullet wound.Each man tried to take credit for the kill,arguing their point to the others when a Game Warden approached. “Gentlemen”,he said, “it does you no good to argue,let me inspect,and I will be able to definitively tell who killed the buck.”Each man agreed,so he bent over the animal and searched for answers. “Ah-ha!” said the game warden after only a few seconds, “It’s easy to tell who killed the deer.It was the preacher!”Immediately the lawer spoke up, “How can you base your answer without even looking at the evidence!”The Doctor chimed in, ” You must inspect the wound to properly evaluate the forensic evidence!” “No,no” said the warden,that won’t be necessary,you see,it’s easy to see that the preacher killed the deer.THERE IS ONLY ONE BULLET WOUND AND IT WENT IN ONE EAR AND OUT THE OTHER.!”

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