"HO","HO","HO."-"WOE","WOE", "WOE."

In ISA.6 We see an example of worship.Isaiah saw the Lord,saw himself,and saw the need.When he saw the Lord, he fell and worshiped.His act of worship was not characterized by the “HO”,”HO”,”HO” of divine entertainment but by the “WOE”,”WOE”.”WOE” of divine encounter.Worship is not about “feeling”good–its about “finding “God.Unfortunately,for many people feeling good has become more important than finding God.And in an effort to reach them and build a big audience,many churches have discarded their hymnals and diluted their message.They have traded “truth”for”therapy”and made preaching more psychological than theological.They are singing hand clapping,finger snapping,knee-slappimg music and preaching sermons geared to the felt needs of people.The result is they spend more time entertaining the goats than feeding the sheep.The danger in this approach is that it starts at the wrong place and ends up at the wrong place.Its aim is to please rather than change people.The goal of worship is not to meet needs,but to meet God,which is our greatest need.A man once said to G.Cambell Morgan, “the preacher must catch the spirit of the age.” “God forgive him if he does”,Morgan replied. “The preacher’s job is to correct the spirit of the age.”The spirit of the age is a mixture of truth and falsehood.We go to church.in part,to receive truth that transcends the age.The gospel is to speak to this age and to resist fiercely a lot of the spirit of this age.If our faith is not greater and wiser than the insights of a particular age,what good is it?we need to remember the words of Richard Emory, “If you marry the fad of your generation you will be a widow in the next.”It will take a generation to see the devastating effects of the consumer-oriented.need centered,user-friendly,purpose driven emphasis that has captivated many churches today.Isaiah experienced the cleansing of God,heard the vouce of God,and answered the call of God.May we do the same.

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