Salvation of children:Testimomy of Philip Livingstone

I have the childhood memory today,of being seated in the large wooden pew,of our church,drawing on a pad of paper that my father had provided for the purpose,while the pastor delivered his sermon.What was said specifically,I have no recollection,other than that it had to do with sinners being under the wraft of a holy and just God.I remember leaning over to my Dad and asking him in a whisper,if I could go to ‘the bathroom’.Having received permission to do so,I left the pew and went quickly towards the back of the church;and into an alcove off the foyer,pushing the large wooden door to the men’s room open.Once inside, I listened to see if I was alone.Hearing no noise at all,I got down on to the floor and looked under the row of stalls.I was alone.
I entered one of the stalls,and slid loosed the silver latch,which was on the left hand side of the door (the memory of the moment,being that clear).Listening again to determine that no one had come in,I put my face in my hands and pressed into the hinged,right side of the now locked door.Here with a great deal of uncertainty that it was “all right” for a little boy to do what I was doing.I asked the Lord Jesus if he would come into my heart because “I did not want God to be angry with me.”
I left the stall,went back to sit beside my Dad,and never mentioned a word of what I had done to anyone.I was six years old.As a result of being present and expected to sit quietly,with a little pad of paper to draw upon,through the sermon as it was being preached,my little mind and conscience picked up-out of whatever else the preacher spoke of that night–that God was angry with sinners,and that the only way that God would be pleased with me,was for me to ask the Lord Jesus Christ,to come into my heart,and to save me,so that I could do and think things,that would please God.I did not want God to be angry with me…Simple theology from the mind of a little boy of six.Thirty seven years later-having now,the wisdom of the Puritans,the example of the martyrs of history,and the formal study of doctrine and theology as reference-I am unable to improve upon the sentiment that I expressed that night as a child.
Philip Livingstone

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