Conversions in Acts

There are at least seven conversion experiences recorded in the book of Acts.All are authentic,genuine conversions.However the presentations of the Gospel are varied.There is no set plan of salvation.What did they have in common?How were their committments made public?
There are some things you will not see recorded in these various situations.
1.You do not see God in Heaven wringing His hands wishing that He could do something to make people trust His Son.
2.Nothing is said about God loving you and having a wonderful plan for your life.The word love is not mentioned in Acts.
3.There is no “sinners” prayer.
4.There is not step1-2-3-4.
5.The question,”Do you want to go to heaven when you die ‘is not mentioned(amazingly I have never met anyone who didn’t want to go to heaven)Perhaps a better question would be,Do you want to repent of sin and follow Jesus)
6.There is not an “alter call” or a public invitation in any of the seven recorded conversions in Acts.
(1)Acts2:37-47.Verse 37.What shall we do?v38.Repent and be baptized.v41.They that gladly received his word were “baptized.
(2)Acts8:36-37.And the Eunuch said,see,here is water;what doeth hinder me to be “baptized?”And Philip said,if thou believest with all thine heart,thou mayest,And he answered and said,I believe that Jesus is the Son of God.v38.And he “baptized him.
(3)Acts9:6.And he trembling and astonished said,Lord what wilt thou have me to do?Acys9:18 And he received his sight forthwith,and arose,and was “baptized.”
(4)Acts 10:43-48.v,43b,Whosoever believeth in him shall receive the remission of sins.v.45b.On the Gentiles was poured out the gift of the Holy Spirit.v.48.And he commanded them to be baptized.
(5)Acts 16:30-33.v30 Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shalt be saved and thy house. v33.And was ‘BAPTIZED'”
(6)Acts 16:14-15.Whose heart the Lord opened(not to be confused with Rev.3:20 the “free willies”misinterpert thinking that a Dead sinner can open his heart’s door and let Jesus in.He wants to come in but he can’t because you won’t open the door)No,Christ opens Lydia’s heart.And v15.She was “Baptized.”
(7)Acts18:7-8.And Crispus,the chief ruler of the synogogue,believed on the Lord with all his house;and many of the Corinthians hearing believed,and were “baptized.”
Lessons learned from these 7 conversions.
(1)The one thing that is consistently and constantly the same is this:All seven made their conversion experiences known publically by their “BAPTISM.”In every instance they were baptized-no exceptions.
(2)There was not one set formula in the various presentations of the gospel.
We have 14 million Southern Baptists on our church rolls.When 100 confess Christ as Savior,30 are baptized and10 show up for worship on Sunday morning.We have many styles of witnessing tools and yet for the most part we have an”Unregenerated membership”Half of our members never come to church.We call them “inactive members.”Can you imagine God having an “Inactive Book of Life Roll?’Please take a look at these seven conversions in Acts and pray for God to do it again?

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